What if we could bring more value without increasing costs? Read about how GIFs (examples below) enabled this.
At findyara photography, we wanted to provide more value to our clients without adding hours to our workload.
As a team of two, it was not feasible to add an entire video offering, and besides, photo was our product.
I started thinking, what can we create that is a natural extension of our current offerings?
I had started experimenting with GIF creation during a few sessions at this point, and it felt like a promising yet simple way to bring more value to a client's gallery. I knew that they were already somewhat popular with other photographers, but I wanted to do it differently.
First, I started giving new direction during shoots specific to cinematic aesthetics. I would ask couples to gaze into each other's eyes while holding faces, or to dance and hug each other, or even to run away and look back at the camera. Of course, these poses already produce beautiful images, but I would also capture high frame rate images. 
In the editing room, it took me a few weeks to create a fast and efficient workflow. After some experimenting, this was the result:
Steps for creation:
1. Choose images in Adobe Bridge and import to Lightroom
2. Edit color in Lightroom
3. Export images at 1080p and import to Premiere
4. Use custom template in Premiere to combine images into video
5. Export as .mp4 files that repeat twice.
6. Send to clients!!
Our clients love our GIFs, and they give us an extra outlet for creativity. Although we did not add this explicitly to any packages, we always make them so that clients feel that much more taken care of. 
They are also useful in content creation as TikTok & Reels performance relies heavily on video, not stills.
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